It’s never been easier to keep collared submissives, slaves, brats, and roleplayers under control than with the Black Leather Leash! Simply attach the sturdy metal snap hook to any collar with an O-ring or D-ring and watch with delight as your collared partner follows you around the bedroom or a BDSM event like an obedient pet.

The Black Leather Leash features an easy-to-use snap hook in a sophisticated shade of gold. It is attached to the lead with a fixed, non-swivelling square eye that restricts the flexibility and freedom of the wearer compared to a swivelling variant, and its flat square edge ensures the lead doesn’t curl around eye fixture. It also offers a higher pull load, which is perfect for Dominants who want greater control over naughty subs who like to put up a fight and pull away! Whether the Dominant wears the wrist loop around their arm and holds the body of the leash, or holds the wrist loop in their palm, the smooth, supple leather will feel great against their skin all night long.

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Key features:

  • Easy-to-use snap hook for attaching to collar O-rings and D-rings
  • Sturdy non-swivelling eye restricts the wearer’s freedom and offers the Dominant greater control
  • Wrist loop allows the Dominant to easily keep a close eye on their collared partner
  • Metal hardware comes in an eye-catching classy gold tone
  • Premium leather and metal materials


  • 1m leash length
  • 2.5cm leash width
  • 35cm wrist loop circumference
  • 1.08m total length


  • Smooth calfskin and lambskin leather
  • Metal
  • Nylon cord stitching


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