Spice up your impact play with the Grain Leather Folded Slapper, a beautifully hand-crafted item that is perfect for rewarding or punishing your partner, or even yourself.

This BDSM accessory boasts an oh-so-soft leather body and its flexibility helps to conform to the shape of the recipient’s body, but don’t be fooled. This versatile slapper can dish out gentle or brutal impacts that are sure to build a delicious stinging heat in no time. The supple material is perfect for trailing over the body to tease or soothe sore skin, and the stiff, slightly rounded handle offers the wielder supreme control over whether they’ll be merciful or ruthless.

The Grain Leather Folded Slapper is made from a double-length strap of soft harness leather that is extra thick, heavy, and flexible. It is both glued and stitched together at the handle for extra durability that will last even through the most intense slapping sessions. You’ll find yourself constantly reaching for this item just to hear the scandalous sounds of smacking mingling with cries of pain and pleasure again!

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Key features of the Grain Leather Folded Slapper:

  • Provides a delectable thudding and stinging sensation
  • Flexible and durable design
  • Sensual grain leather texture for an extra element of sensation
  • Lightweight for ease of use, even over long sessions
  • Comfortable handle offers the wielder full control of their swing
  • Hanging loop for easy storage or displaying


  • 35cm / 13.8″ slapper length
  • 12cm / 4.7″ slapper width
  • 25cm / 9.8″ handle length


  • Real grain leather
  • Nylon cord stitching


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