Kinksters who love the cracking sound and sharp sting of a whip can multiply their fun by 9 with the Leather Cat o’ Nine Tails Flogger! This formidable BDSM accessory features 9 thin and stiff individual leather falls, which offer a cathartic thudding sensation coupled with a sharp stinging that is sure to spread a delicious biting heat all throughout the recipient’s body in no time.

The 9 braided falls on the Leather Cat o’ Nine Tails Flogger end in 4 soft leather tassels each, which can be whipped through the air at full force or trailed teasingly along the recipient’s body to tantalise and stimulate them, or as a respite between the playful onslaughts. The tails are set into the sturdy transition knot and attached to a long and stiff leather-covered handle. The length of the shaft features a non-slip braided texture, which gives the wielder an ultra-secure grip while the sturdy butt knot offers the Top supreme control of this vicious flogger’s movements. You’ll soon find yourself addicted to the way this cat’s sharp snapping sound mixes with the recipient’s cries of pleasure and pain!

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Key features:

  • 9 thin, firmly braided individual leather falls
  • Offers a stinging sensation that quickly builds to a throbbing heat in no time
  • Overlapping braided non-slip texture on the handle gives the wielder a secure grip
  • Sturdy butt and neck knots offer supreme control of the cat’s body and tails
  • Hanging loop for easy storage or displaying
  • Premium braided leather construction


  • 35cm fall length
  • 40cm handle length
  • 83cm total length


  • Braided calfskin and lambskin leather


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