The 18″ Metal Ball Chain Flogger is a formidable BDSM accessory that is perfect for experienced kinksters seeking to add another dimension to their sensation and impact play! This item features 18 individual stainless steel ball chain falls, which clink ominously and signal the impending pain and pleasure. These tails offer both a thudding and intense stinging sensation when used as they are, or can be chilled to add an extra layer of sensation to the pain and juxtapose the biting heat with the icy cold.

The tails of the 18″ Metal Ball Chain Flogger are set into a sturdy neck, covered by a Turk’s head knot. The smooth leather handle features a non-slip helix-style texture along its length to give the wielder an ultra-secure grip. The solid heel knot at the end of the shaft also offers the Top supreme control of this toy’s movements, whether they’re whipping this toy menacingly through the air or trailing it teasingly along the recipient’s body. At full force, this toy delivers a pain like nothing else, and is not for the faint of heart!

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Key features:

  • 18 individual metal ball chain falls that deliver an intensely sharp stinging pain
  • Can be used as is or after chilling for an extra sensation of cold play
  • Helix-style handle and Turk’s head knot-covered neck and butt offer the wielder supreme control and grip
  • Hanging loop for easy storage or displaying
  • Premium leather and metal materials


  • 46cm / 18″ fall length
  • 9.5cm / 3.7″ handle length
  • 50cm / 19.7″ total length


  • Soft calfskin leather
  • Stainless steel ball chain tails


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