ZORBA – “SPANK ME” Cut Out Leather Collar


The thick and sturdy Spank Me Cut Out Leather Collar is stiff along its width to prevent the collar from folding over or crumpling, as well as helping to improve the wearer’s posture by keeping their chin lifted (and their eyes on their Dominant). It is built from smooth leather and features a strong stainless steel buckle, along with a small layer of padding on the interior side to provide the wearer’s neck with some comfortable cushioning as they wordlessly beg for a good hard spanking in this cheeky collar.

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  • Vibrant red SPANK ME hand-cut lettering and contrast stitching
  • Stiff along its width to keep the wearer’s chin up
  • Padded interior for the wearer’s comfort
  • Sturdy and adjustable
  • Premium leather and metal materials


  • Adjustable buckle fits 36-44cm neck circumference
  • 4.5cm collar width
  • 53cm total collar length


  • Smooth genuine leather
  • Stainless steel
  • Nylon cord stitching


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