ZORBA – Natural Saddle Leather Paddle – Metal Handle


When a Dominant brings out this Natural Saddle Leather Paddle With Metal Handle, you know they mean business! This spanking paddle features a broad face made from stiff and durable saddle leather, which delivers a biting sting that is sure to keep the recipient on their toes all night long.

Designed with premium saddle leather and metal, the Natural Saddle Leather Paddle With Metal Handle offers a solid weighty feeling in the hand while the rounded handle and leather wrist wrap give the wielder complete control and an easy grip during disciplining sessions. This BDSM accessory flexes slightly when applying pressure, perfect for dishing out some tough love to a disobedient submissive or brat. One side is imprinted with the roaring face of a tiger to inspire power in its wielder and to serve as a warning to naughty kinksters of the exciting pain to come.

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  • Provides a firm thudding and stinging sensation
  • Premium smooth saddle leather and metal materials
  • Solid weight makes it easy to bring down even harder across the skin
  • Rounded handle offers the wielder full control of their swing and a comfortable grip
  • Raised stitching offers extra sensational texture
  • Wrist strap loop also suitable for easy hanging, storage or displaying


  • 21cm / 8.2″ paddle length
  • 11.5cm / 4.5″ paddle width
  • 0.8cm / 0.3″ paddle thickness
  • 13cm / 5.1″ handle length
  • 34cm / 13.4″ total length


  • Smooth saddle leather
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Nylon cord stitching


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