ZORBA – Grain Leather “SPANK ME” Cutout Paddle


The Grain Leather Spank Me Paddle flexes and bends in your hands, but don’t be fooled. This durable spanker is more than capable of dishing out solid slaps that are sure to sting with delicious heat wherever they land, ideal for training, punishing, or rewarding naughty kinksters who just can’t get enough of impact play.

Thanks to the lightweight design of this spanker, the wielder has full control over the power behind their swing, and can decide exactly how much pain or pleasure they want to distribute. The smoothly textured leather on both the engraved and plain side of the paddle is perfect for teasing and soothing sore skin, and you’ll both want to keep this paddle close by to hear the scandalous thwacks mixing with cries of pain and pleasure all night long.

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  • Bold red SPANK ME hand-carved lettering and contrast stitching
  • Flexible while still able to deliver a tantalisingly solid impact
  • Grain leather offers a sensual texture for an extra element of sensation
  • Lightweight for ease of use, even over long sessions
  • Hanging loop for easy storage or displaying


  • 25cm / 9.8″ paddle length
  • 9.4cm / 3.7″ paddle width
  • 0.8cm / 0.3″ paddle thickness
  • 12cm /  4.7″ handle length
  • 38cm / 15″ total length


  • Real grain leather
  • Nylon cord stitching


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