Vibratone Duo Balls – (Gold Ben-Wa balls)


These kegel or Ben-Wa balls each contain a smaller weighted ball inside that rocks to and fro as your body moves, producing a sporadic vibration-like effect as they knock against the walls of the larger balls. You’ll experience delicious internal massaging and stimulation as you clench and relax your pelvic muscles around them or simply go about your daily life. With regular use, the Vibratone Kegel Duo-Balls can help you enjoy both improved muscle control and stronger, more frequent orgasms, as well as reducing your risk of incontinence and giving you a faster return to a toned pelvic floor after childbirth or surgery.

These kegel balls feature a retrieval loop to make removal safe and simple. The exterior is non-porous and a cinch to clean before and after use. The balls are easy to insert, totally discreet, and can be worn anywhere for secret sexercise on the go!

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  • Each ball contains a smaller weighted ball inside for a vibration-like effect
  • Delivers internal massaging and stimulation as your pelvic muscles move
  • Offers a host of sexual and physical health benefits with regular use
  • Handy retrieval loop makes removal safe and simple
  • Non-porous for easy cleaning and optimal hygiene


  • 3cm / 1.2″ ball diameter
  • 8cm retrieval loop length


  • ABS plastic


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