Uberlube – Luxury Silicone-Based Lubricant – 100ml


This premium lubricant has a uniquely minimalistic 4-ingredient recipe that’s suitable for multi-purpose use, from sexual activity and massage to sports performance, and even personal hair styling and makeup. It is currently one of the best silicone-based lubricants on the market, as voted by consumers, and it’s not hard to see why!

The odourless and taste-free formula goes on thin, silky, and light, lending a natural feeling that supplements your body’s natural lubrication during sexual activity. The long-lasting finish stays amazingly smooth while in use, then dissipates across the skin to leave it feeling soft and moisturised. You can also rub away the sleekness by using Uberlube as a massage aid since the silicone-based formula never gets greasy, sticky, or tacky, nor does it leave behind any oily residue.

The glycerin- and paraben-free recipe makes this silicone-based lubricant a great option for people who are prone to yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs), and also comes recommended by gynaecologists and other doctors thanks to its general biostatic properties. Uberlube does not harbour outside yeast, bacteria, or mould, and also does not affect your body’s pH levels or harm your good bacteria, making it a fantastic lubricant option for everyone!

Even the Uberlube bottle is in its own class with its beautiful clear glass design, topped with a metered pump that lets you keep one hand free in the heat of the moment. It’s compatible with hard, non-porous adult toys like those made of metal or glass, as well as all latex condoms and dental dams for versatile bedroom play!

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  • Premium non-greasy formula that transfers sensation while reducing friction
  • Feels natural & silky during use, then dissipates to leave skin soft & moisturised
  • Odourless, taste-free & compatible with latex condoms + non-porous sex toys
  • Will not harm good bacteria, harbour external yeast/mould, or affect pH levels
  • Clear glass bottle with metered pump for easy one-handed use
  • Multi-purpose use across sex, massage, sports performance & personal styling


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