Roomfun Wax Dropping Candles Kit- Rabbit Style


This wax play kit includes 5 vibrantly coloured and romantically scented drip candles, a scraper that removes solidified wax from the skin easily, 3 large sheets of wax paper to help protect your furniture, and a candle melting tray.

These candles are made from three kinds of high-quality imported wax, combined with natural plant essence and dyes for invitingly vivid colours and fragrances. With the main ingredients being food-grade soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax, the candles in the Roomfun Wax Dropping Kit burn at 50-55° Celsius, providing you with the hot temperature play sensations you crave without the risk of burning. The candles burn for 30 continuous minutes each and are available in a fun fox or bunny shape, in 5 bright colours and unique scents. These make the candles the perfect playful aromatherapy décor pieces for any room, with double-wick designs that speed up the melting and expand the range of your wax-dropping play…

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  • Imparts exquisitely hot stinging pain & pleasure
  • Made with high-quality raw ingredients (soy wax, coconut wax & beeswax)
  • The candles burn at 50-55°C for 30 continuous minutes
  • Solidified wax comes off easily without damaging the skin
  • Brightly coloured & deliciously scented to create a playful atmosphere
  • Double-wick design accelerates melting & expands wax dropping range



  • 1 x burgundy candle (men’s hormones-scented)
  • 1 x red candle (chocolate-scented)
  • 1 x fuschia candle (vanilla & passionfruit-scented)
  • 1 x purple candle (blackcurrant-scented)
  • 1 x rose pink candle (white tea-scented)
  • 1 x ceramic tray
  • 3 x anti-fouling wax paper
  • 1 x scraper


  • Food-grade soy wax
  • Coconut wax
  • Natural beeswax


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