OUCH! Wrapped O-Ring Gag


Completely wrapped in high-quality scaled polyurethane, the O-ring bit is rigid yet gentle on the teeth. The strap, also made from durable PU, has a completely adjustable 15 hole fastening to suit all subs. The O-ring has an inner diameter of 3.2cm (1.3″) and sits behind the teeth leaving the mouth and jaw invitingly open. The strap has a total length of 67.5cm (27″) including O-ring and is 4.4cm (1.8″) wide.

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Material: Polyurethane, Metal

Product dimensions 26.57″ x 0.2″ x 1.73″
Product weight 1.8 oz
Inner diameter 1.26″
Waterproof Yes
Phthalate free Yes


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