Ouch! Japanese Rope 10 Meter – Purple


This cottony-soft black rope traps your rope bunny in erotic, creative displays of shibari, bondage scenes, and more thrilling restraint play. The 8-millimetre thick rope feels lovely and plush against the skin and is double-braided for a rounded profile that won’t dig into the captive’s flesh. Each end is tipped with a PVC cap to prevent fraying, as well as to make it easier to find the ends and undo the knots at the end of your scene!

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  • The cottony-soft texture feels comfortable & plush against the skin
  • Double-braided for a thick, round profile that won’t dig into the wearer
  • PVC-capped ends to prevent fraying & make finding the ends easier
  • Great for bondage scenes, restraint play, shibari & more

Size: 10m / 32.8ft length

Material: Cotton/Polyester


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