Mistress By Isabella Sinclaire – Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps


This sleek bondage duo is made from high-quality chrome-plated steel and features a lockable collar, adorned with a set of nipple clamps on chains to remind your plaything of their place with every pinch.

The nipple clamps are fully adjustable via a tension screw mechanism so you can easily show your sub who’s boss and make them beg for mercy with just a small tweak. Meanwhile up top, the heavy, solid metal collar has a fixed circumference and securely traps your slave in place with a slender pin, which slots into place flush against the collar thanks to the magnetic strip on the locking mechanism. With no bulky padlocks or fiddly buckles to worry about, your locked-down lover will look neat and presentable as well as being unable to escape! Only you can unlock the collar with the second push key (which also doubles as the locking pin) when you decide your sub has earned their freedom…

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  • Reminds the wearer of their owned status with a stylish twist
  • Adjustable tension screw on the nipple clamps to customise the pressure
  • The magnetic locking pin slots into place flush against the collar
  • 2 locking pins are included, which also function as keys to unlock the collar
  • No bulky padlocks or buckles to distract from the sleek look & feel
  • Heavy chrome-plated steel with a gleaming finish


  • 12.15cm / 4.8″ collar internal diameter
  • 38.25cm / 15.05″ collar circumference
  • 2.15cm / 0.85″ collar width
  • 0.65cm/ 0.25″ collar thickness
  • 27.95cm / 11″ nipple chain length


  • Nickel-free chrome-plated steel
  • Rubber


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