Mistress By Isabella Sinclaire – E-Stimulation Locking Humbler


This wicked wooden CBT device puts your submissive in their proper place and holds their testicles behind their legs, where you can lock them in place with the included keys to leave your captive exposed and vulnerable to the tantalising tricks you have up your sleeve. The curved wing design pulls the testicles further from the body, making it impossible for your captive to stand up and keeping them in the proper kneeling position at your feet.

Need to remind your sub who’s boss? If you’re feeling especially vindictive, you can connect the banana clip leads to a Zeus Electrosex Power Box (sold separately) to run an electrical current through the wearer’s testicles! The exquisitely electrifying tingles and jolts are sure to remind them that they’re yours to do with as you wish…

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  • Keeps the wearer on their knees or on all fours where they belong
  • The curved design pulls the testicles back to prevent the wearer from standing up
  • Built-in lock with keys to lock the wearer’s balls in the device
  • Connects to Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes for e-shock fun (sold separately)
  • Banana-style leads & pin to banana inline adapters included


  • 39.37cm / 15.5″ length
  • 5.08cm / 2″ width


  • Wood
  • Metal


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