Lelo F1S Sonic Masturbator V2 With Software Development Kit (Red)


This adult toy is a next-generation male masturbator that combines natural self-loving behaviours with science to deliver an experience that’ll blow more than just your mind. Squeeze in past the extra snug opening and experience this new and improved model’s intensely powerful dual motors! They’re twice as strong as the Lelo F1S V2’s predecessor’s to deliver Lelo’s SenSonic™ technology all over your penis. These sonic waves reverberate deep into your genital tissue for enveloping pleasure that feels as though it’s resonating from all directions at once, not just tickling the nerve endings on the surface of your skin. The motors can now deliver a wider range of 4 specifically designed stimulation modes with 7 patterns each, giving you plenty of options to find your perfect orgasm setting! Each is enhanced with Lelo’s patented Cruise Control™ technology that helps keep the stimulation’s power level at a steady intensity, no matter how vigorously you’re enjoying yourself.

Want even more control? You got it. Just like the first-gen model, the Lelo F1S Sonic Masturbator V2 With Software Development Kit  is an open-interface performance console, coming equipped with 10 state-of-the-art sensors that start working when they sense you’re inside. These sensors monitor aspects of your performance, including hardness, intensity, duration, and more. The performance feedback gets sent to Lelo’s free SDK (software development kit) app, letting you see how you’re doing and even design your own custom programs for truly tailor-made pleasure!

Let’s talk build: the F1S V2 Sonic Masturbator comes in a seriously sleek package, with a premium textured aluminium body and an ultra-smooth silicone sleeve with a narrow opening that’ll make any man feel larger than life. (If you’re blessed with a well-endowed package, double check the sizing information to make sure this toy can handle you!) The sleeve is softer and more flexible than the previous model’s, giving you velvety-softness that feels great and pairs exceptionally well with water-based lubricant. The clear window panel lets you (or a lover) watch the toy’s inner mechanisms working as they tease and please you, perfect for those of you who love seeing the action up close and personal.

The Lelo F1S V2 is fully waterproof for easy cleanup, plus hot and steamy sonic pleasure sessions in the bath or shower! Its USB-rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours of fun on a single charge, and has a standby time of up to 90 days so you can treat yourself to incredible orgasms whenever the mood strikes!

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  • Dual motors 2x more powerful than the previous F1S model
  • SenSonic & Cruise Control Technology for steady, permeating pleasure
  • A wider range of awesome sonic settings (4 modes with 7 patterns)
  • 10 sensors & SDK app to track performance & customise programs
  • Softer silicone sleeve with ultra-tight opening & a clear window panel
  • Fully waterproof & rechargeable for easy upkeep & maintenance


  • 11.1cm / 4.3″ maximum insertion depth
  • 4.75cm / 1.9″ maximum insertion diameter
  • 14.3cm / 5.6″ overall length
  • 7.1cm / 2.8″ overall diameter
  • 285g / 0.6lb weight (toy only)


  • Silicone
  • ABS plastic
  • Aluminium alloy

Battery & Power Information:

  • USB-rechargeable (cable included)
  • Offers up to 2 hours of pleasure on a single charge
  • Fully charged in 2 hours
  • Can last up to 90 days on standby

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