Calexotics – Scandal Love Sling


This sexy positioning sling pulls the wearer’s legs back toward their torso, tethering their neck and thighs together to make deliciously deep penetration possible. You and your lover will relish the exhilarating sensation of total openness, vulnerability, and control. With the Scandal Love Sling, you’ll learn to trust each other, tease each other, and enjoy each other on a whole new level…

The Scandal Love Sling features a padded interior to keep the wearer comfortable while keeping them captive. The superior support provided is fully adjustable, with Scandal’s signature red and black brocade fabric offering a stylish finish that’s sure to complement any kinky backdrop!

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  • The sling connects the wearer’s neck to their thighs for perfect positioning
  • Offers superior support & makes incredibly deep penetration possible
  • Easy to use & easy to release
  • Soft padded interior for the wearer’s comfort
  • Adjustable cinch design for the perfect fit
  • Designer brocade fabric for a luxurious finish


  • 45.75cm / 18” neck strap length
  • 5.75cm / 2.25” neck strap width
  • Cuffs adjust to fit up to 85cm / 33.5” thigh circumference
  • Sling adjusts up to 128.25cm / 50.5” length


  • Polyester (fabric, lining)
  • Polypropylene (straps)
  • ABS plastic (buckles)


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