Beauty Breast Style Realistic Silicone Breasts – C-Cup (0.62Kg)


These lifelike breasts provide an extremely natural shape and movement underneath your clothes, swimwear, or underwear. They’re a great choice for wearers who want a larger cup size for themselves, drag queen performers, mastectomy patients, and people on trans journeys seeking gender affirmation.

The Beauty Breast Style Realistic Breasts are made from pure silicone to give you a lifelike jiggle and feeling in the hand, as well as an easy-to-clean body-safe finish that’s comfortable against your skin. The breasts come with a series of bra-like straps that you can adjust to get your best fit around your back and over your shoulders, all without needing a separate bra or support garment. The straps are clear to give you a discreet, ‘invisible’ look while the front-closing fastening lets you easily slip the breasts on and off and present yourself how you want to with ease!

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  • Looks, feels & moves like real breasts under clothing, swimwear or underwear
  • Suitable for gender affirmation, drag performers, or building confidence in wearers wanting a size boost (including mastectomy patients)
  • Includes bra-like straps so you don’t need to wear another bra or support garment
  • Clear, easy-to-hide straps for a discreet, natural look while worn
  • Centre-front closure for easy wear & removal
  • Available in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps for your perfect fit & shape


  • 0.62kg weight (C-cup)


  • Silicone


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