Autoblow A.I.


One more thing that sets the Autoblow A.I. apart from other masturbators is that it plugs directly into any electrical wall outlet for incredible power you can enjoy straightaway. Forget about replacing batteries or recharging your toy out in the open for hours – just plug, play, and pack away after cleaning! The heavy-duty all-metal motor is built to last so you can enjoy this powerful blowjob machine for years to come.

The Autoblow A.I. has a mini computer onboard that moves the penis gripper and snug silicone sleeve to any of 250 different positions at different speeds, stroke lengths, and more for the most realistic sensations. It comes with a soft and snug sleeve with a sculpted mouth at its entrance and a stimulating ribbed texture inside the throat canal that hugs your shaft for maximum pleasure, all without a gag reflex or teeth. For more versatility, the Mouth sleeve is interchangeable with the differently textured Vagina and Anus sleeves for more versatility (sold separately). The 100% silicone sleeve slides out for easy cleaning afterwards and can accommodate all penis sizes – 2 of the 10 stroking modes are even specifically designed to cater to shorter or longer penises!

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  • 10 stroking modes that mimic real blowjob techniques in 10 speeds each
  • An enhanced full A.I. mode for unpredictable, unique head every time
  • Pause button to instantly stop or resume the action during edging
  • Heavy-duty all-metal motor that’s built to last & takes wall power for unlimited play
  • The easy-to-clean ribbed silicone sleeve accommodates all penis sizes
  • Comes with a Mouth sleeve – interchangeable with Vagina & Ass sleeves (sold separately)

17.8cm / 7″ maximum insertion depth
20.1cm / 8.25″ overall length

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic

Plugs directly into wall power


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